6 Low-Cost DIYs for Custom Shoes

6 Low-Cost DIYs for Custom Shoes

In case you want some designer shoes that you can’t afford or you just want to give your sneakers a new look, you found the perfect place for inspiration! Here you have 6 ideas that maybe you didn’t even know you could make: cat shoes, galaxy sneakers ans so on. So now you don’t have […]

10 Ideas for Cheap DIY Lamps


It doesn’t matter if you’re bored with your current lamps or you just want to make some for your friends, as gifts, because making lamps is fun no matter what! Some are cheap, some are bold and some are cheap and bold at the same time. From this top there has to be one that […]

6 DIY Summer Party Garlands

Get the instructions & Read more: thechicsite

I am so glad summer is finally here. This spring was a really rainy and cold one which makes summer even more enjoyable. Now I only can think about the garden parties me and my friends will going to have. Even thought I am not a child anymore I like to decor my house/garden with […]