12 Outdoor Lights Ideas


Who doesn’t love to spend time outside, especially in a backyard? And most of all, who doesn’t love their backyards full of warm, colourful lights that give the sensation of a perpetual party or of a cute fireflies invasion? Well, having a nice, luminous backyard is 3 or four steps away, depending on the idea […]

10 Ideas for Cheap DIY Lamps


It doesn’t matter if you’re bored with your current lamps or you just want to make some for your friends, as gifts, because making lamps is fun no matter what! Some are cheap, some are bold and some are cheap and bold at the same time. From this top there has to be one that […]

DIY Summer Party Garlands

Get the instructions & Read more: thechicsite

I am so glad summer is finally here. This spring was a really rainy and cold one which makes summer even more enjoyable. Now I only can think about the garden parties me and my friends will going to have. Even thought I am not a child anymore I like to decor my house/garden with […]

Homemade hair mask for dry itchy scalp

dry itchy scalp

  Lots of us may face the problem of dry and itchy scalp at least once in our life. TheBeautyThesis comes for the rescue with a simple and practical solutions: Shea butter – wonderful source for the extra moisture your hair needs. As always, natural ingredients make miracles! :D   For more details please visit […]

Wedding Braided Hairstyle Inspiration


Each time I have the chance I go on and on about how much I like braided hairstyles. And I do try as much as  I can and go well for my hair length. This weekend I have to go to a wedding – a childhood friend wedding – and I did not know how […]

Striping Tape Nail Tutorial

Striping Tape Nail

  I saw a few times this type of manicure at women on the street or in different bar/clubs and I always thought they were done by a professional. But now, that I found this tutorial, I understood the whole process and how I could do it myself at home. I think the striping tape […]